The Raft Of Halloween Poster


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Vægplakat af billedskaberen Christophe Kiciak, der beskriver værket; Everything photographed and edited by me (no stock). Looks like Halloween’s candies can be hard on stomachs… even for monsters’ ones! Thanks a lot to all my coworkers who accepted to pose for this redux of the famous Gericault’s painting, The Raft of the Medusa: – Celine, the witch – Thierry, the vampire – Olivier, the zombie with an axe in the head – Martin, the mage – Aurelie, the corpse bride – Clement, the vampire – Yannick, Jack’O + the demon – Simon, the Frankenstein creature – Maxime, the fluffy thing Last but not least, special thanks to my wife who helped me pose for all the other characters, and construct the raft in our garden!. Dette plakat har liggende orientering. En härlig bild i kategorin Kreativ redigering. i farverne #000000,#663300,#996633 Alle vores Plakat er trykt på et 200 gram mat premium papir med en glat finish for en førsteklasses følelse.

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